Software Engineer

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  • Location: Paris (Subway station: Saint-Paul)
  • Start date: March / April (Flexible)
  • Contract: CDI (Full time)

About us

Founded in 2018, Enexflow is positioned at the crossroads of technology, economics and power market operations. With a unique skill set, Enexflow brings cross-functional expertise that is needed when it comes to tackling the complex challenges of the future of power markets. In the context of an ever evolving regulation driven by the penetration of new assets (renewable, storage, demand response, electric vehicles), it becomes critical for energy players to seize the digitalization opportunity to run their operations more efficiently.

At Enexflow, we provide a unique approach combining subject matter expertise on power industry value chain, market processes and data engineering. We help key energy stakeholders to define, develop, deploy, and maintain relevant data flows for their operations.


Being part of a small development team starting an ambitious product, you will have the occasion to take part in many different areas of the project. You will be expected to give informed opinions during the architecture decision process, as well as writing highly versatile and maintainable code that we should be able to make evolve quickly as the project advances. You will also be expected to help with existing projects, being able to dive into a medium-sized codebase and help maintaining and evolving it.

In this role, you will be focused on two main areas:
- Product Development

  • Architecturing new features
  • Develop reliable and performant python software
  • Process large quantities of real-time structured data

- Operations:

  • Deploy services on a cluster
  • Quickly react to client issues
  • Investigate data inconsistencies and service failures

We are looking for highly motivated, autonomous and proactive talents willing to accelerate the energy transition and eager to get involved in all aspects of a growing business.


We’re looking for someone who has:

  • Education: Software Engineering
  • Experience: 1 to 5 years
  • Language: Proficiency in English
  • Technologies: python, flask, kubernetes, time series management
  • Software development lifecycle: best practices in software testing, git, CI, automated deployment
  • Background: passionate and curious about new technologies, interested in renewable energy and power markets
  • Soft skills: proactive, communicative, eager to learn, hardworking
  • Nice to have:
    • Knowledge of functional programming and at least one functional programming language
    • Knowledge of embedded development
    • Knowledge of distributed systems
    • Experience with performance optimization and a system programming language such as Rust

Top reasons to join the team

  • We have an international exposure with clients across the globe (USA, Europe, Asia)
  • We are a passionate team with complementary skills in energy and tech
  • We ambition to grow and want you to be part of it, and accelerate it!